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Sponsorship options

by Armin C. Stross-Radschinski last modified Mar 11, 2014 10:50 PM
Please support the PSF Python Brochure!

The ordering of Sponsorships for the first Issue is officially closed!

You can still support the PSF Python Brochure by ordering limited space for ads or a reference entry in the second print run of the brochure as well as ordering copies for your own purpose.

Please note that these prices are currently just an orientation for the second run and subject to change depending on exchange rate fluctuations.

Ad sponsors

The brochure will have 4 DIN A4 pages for ads.

Ad sponsors can buy a half page ad for EUR 2,650.00 (+ VAT if applicable) in the first edition.

Each ad sponsor will receive a box of around 120 free copies of the printed brochure after production.

There is remaining room for 2 ad sponsors.

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Reference sponsors

To help develop the business community around Python, we will have 2 pages of fixed-layout reference listings for interested companies.

Reference sponsors can buy a listing for EUR 500.00 (+ VAT if applicable) in the first edition.

The companies will get listed using their logo, a one line description of what they do, and their address details.

Each reference sponsor will receive a box of around 120 free copies of the printed brochure after production.

There is only room for some reference sponsors left.

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Subscription sponsors

You can order copies of the 10,000 copies we will have printed and distributed by the PSF. You can use these copies for local distribution, marketing Python to your customers, at conferences and events.

These sponsors will not get a listing in the brochure itself, but will help refinance the costs of producing the brochure and also help spread the word more widely.

We can ship world-wide. The costs for the subscriptions vary depending on the destination country. A package of around 480 copies of the brochure will be available starting from EUR 645.00:


Price (EUR)

Price (USD)





currently toll free
CA, CH, NO 718,00
1,006.00 toll fees may apply
IS 754,00
1,057.00 toll fees may apply
US 898,00
1,258.00 currently toll free
AL, IL 905,00
1,302.00 max 20kg per colli allowed,
toll fees may apply
AR, IN 1032,00 1,445.00 max 20kg per colli allowed
GH, KR, NG, SG 1056,00
1,482.00 max 20kg per colli allowed,
toll fees may apply
AU 1078,00
1,509.00 currently toll free
BR, JP, NZ, ZA 1078,00
1,509.00 toll fees may apply

Printing and shipping is included in these prices. VAT and toll may additionally apply, depending on destination. USD prices are calculated from the EUR prices based on the exchange rate at the day of writing (1 EUR ~ 1.40 USD) and may vary.

Please contact for more detailed information and other destinations.

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Education sponsorship

This special sponsorship aims an sponsors who are interested in supporting Python by having a subscription package delivered to an educational institutions chosen by the PSF or an address provided by the sponsor. The bill is addressed and payable by the sponsor.

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Media data & ordering details

Please visit our Media Data Details & Ordering pages regarding available ad sizes, ad and reference listing guidelines and ordering procedure.