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Mediadata & Order

by Armin C. Stross-Radschinski last modified Mar 11, 2014 10:44 PM
Details and guidelines for available brochure sponsorship options

General Information

Volume of Circulation

The volume of circulation of the first edition will be for 10,000+ copies (10,000 copies plus any additional volume paid for by subscription sponsors).


The shipment of the brochures to the various sponsors is estimated to start mid 2013, about one third will
remain in stock and will be sent out on demand based on requests from the PSF.

And how long does the edition last?

Depending on demand, the stock is estimated to be used up in a few months or a year. After that and if the project proves to be a success, we'd then focus on new editions, including translations more targeted brochures, flyers, conference kits, etc.

Ad Guidelines

Media data for Creative People & Print Professionals.

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Reference Entry Guidelines

How to get listed in the Python Brochure as Python support or service company.

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Subscription Order Procedure

How to order extra copies of the brochure for your company, customers or events.

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Education Sponsorship

How to order extra copies of the brochure for educational institutions on your behalf.

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Content Contributors Image & Illustration Data Guidelines

How to deliver your data in the best formats suitable for our professional Python Brochure for print & download version.

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