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Newsletter #9: PSF Python Brochure: Get your free copy at PyCon 2015

by Marc-André Lemburg last modified Apr 10, 2015 12:51 PM
We are happy to announce the availability of the second print run of the PSF Python Brochure. The first batch was shipped to PyCon US 2015 in Montreal and you can start ordering your copies now.

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      After having distributed the first 5,000 copies of the PSF Python Brochure to Python conferences and user groups around the world in the last 12 months, we have now finished the second print run with another 5,000 copies just in time for PyCon 2015 in Montreal.

      Many thanks go to JetBrains for jumping in as additional ad sponsor to help finance the printing and community order shipping costs for this second print run. We would also like to thank all our initial sponsors and contributors for their hard work.

      Promoting Python to new audiences

      The feedback we have received for the brochure was positive all around.

      Conference attendees were really happy to be able to easily show and prove how Python changes the world, to make the point that learning and using Python is a good investment.

      The brochure helps them in promoting Python in their local and professional communities, especially to the many non-technical people we cannot easily reach with our web site.

      Get your brochure copy

      Come and get your copy at the Python Software Foundation booth (booth number 101) at PyCon 2015 in Montreal.

      If you cannot fetch your hard copy in person, you can order copies from our project page:

      1. free Community Orders for conferences and user groups
      2. paid Company Orders for companies and organizations

      The costs for the community orders are sponsored through sponsor ads, the PSF and the company orders.

      Meet the Team

      I was very happy to work together with our core team members in the last 4 years:

      • Jan Ulrich Hasecke who was responsible as editor in chief and managed the contribution side of things together with me.
      • Armin Stroß-Radschinski and his company evenios which did the initial coordination of funding, layout concept, artwork, production and distribution.

      Our efforts have resulted in a brochure of almost fully CC-3.0-BY-SA content that is reusable by the community. The feedback after one year of circulation is quite promising and we are considering doing a second volume with more success stories and use cases, provided we can get enough support from sponsors and the PSF.

      More information

      More information on the brochure, the idea and people behind it, media data and ordering links are available on our project page:

       Marc-Andre Lemburg
      Director, Python Software Foundation