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PSF Python Brochure Vol. I – final content preview

by Armin C. Stross-Radschinski last modified Mar 13, 2013 02:35 PM
Contributors: Marc-André Lemburg, Jan Ulrich Hasecke, Armin Carl Stroß-Radschinski,
Copyrights & Licensing: Except where otherwise noted, content in this brochure is Copyright 2011-2012 by | Armin Stross-Radschinski ( | Jan Ulrich Hasecke ( | Marc-Andre Lemburg (lemburg. com) and the respective authors of the success stories, case studies and images published in this brochure. Contributed text and image material used with permission. The English text and some images are available under a CC BY-SA 3.0 License except otherwise noted here. The following articles are exclusively licensed to the PSF only for this brochure with a CC BY 3.0 license: p.18,19 © CERN. Please contact the PSF or the publisher for more details. Image & Logo Reference: The Python logo and the Python device are trademarks of the Python Software Foundation and used by permission. All other trademarks & logos are property of their respective owners, used under fair use policies for information purposes only and not part of the CC BY-SA 3.0 License. Reuse of third party logos in derivative work may need relicensing for the respective purpose. Cover: Illustration, thumbs see: – Photos: Source (p.2 /xmatt: CC BY 2.0 | p.4 /nitot: used by permission | p.9 /xavitalleda CC BY 2.0 | p.10/11 UN Photo/Logan Abassi CC BY 2.0 | p.14/15 /dionhinchcliffe, sculpture artist bull & bear: Dachlauer, Reinhard (1922 - 1995), background: /kenteegardin, www.SeniorLiving.Org: CC BY-SA 2.0); (p.4 screenshot taken on 2012-02-12); (p.5 screenshot taken 2012-02-12); (p.6 SurveyMonkey and the SurveyMonkey logo are trademarks of, LLC and its affiliates and are used under license.); (p.7 CC BY-SA 2.0); (p.8, used by permission); (p.10, public domain); (p.12 © SMS Siemag-AG: all rights reserved, used by permission); (p.13 © DLR: CC-BY 3.0); (p.16 CC BY 2.0); (p.18,19 the picture of the CMS detector: © CERN, for the benefit of the CMS collaboration. Terms of use:; (p.20 NASA/JPL-Caltech, public domain); (p.22, all rights reserved, fair use); (p.23 Blender Foundation | CC BY 3.0); (p.24 The OpenStack logo is a trademark of the OpenStack Foundation, all rights reserved, used by community use general licence)
This lowres preview release contains all the final approved articles for getting an overview for the ad & reference entry sponsors or those who are interested in ordering subscriptions. This file should not be distributed or published until the final production release is ready. Please note that this prerelease file is protected against change and copying of the text.
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