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Learn more about the PSF Python Brochure Project

by The PSF Python Brochure Team — last modified Sep 13, 2022 01:11 PM
The brochure showcases Python projects with great impact, fascinating aspect and interesting twist from all application spaces covering use cases in business, science, industry, education, media, government, public sector and charity. We're currently selling the last sponsoring ads and reference entries. It will be produced after the final production budget is funded. A second edition is planned for next year. If you are interested in supporting the project through content or as sponsor, please read on.


Finally: The Python brochure available as PDF preview!

After more than two years in the making,
you can now download [the PDF preview] of the Python brochure.

What will the brochure look like ?

The Python brochure has 32 pages printed in full color in A4 format (210x297mm).

  • 24 pages of content.
  • 4 pages with ads
  • 2 pages for a company register

The production of the brochure is financed by ads and the company register. For more information about the company register,  the last available sponsorship option, head over to the register page.

Python – a programming language changes the world: this is the title and the message of the brochure. We show how Python has changed the way we write programs and run projects and how Python has given us back the joy of programming.

A preview  is available here.

What does the brochure cover ?

The brochure contains real life use cases of Python programming. It showcases Python projects with great impact, fascinating aspect or interesting twist from all application spaces covering use cases in business, science, industry, education, media, government, public sector and charity.

It proves that Python is mature enough to be used in mission-critical systems to e.g. move billions of dollars through financial trading systems, run tests for NASA's Space Shuttle, collect VAT taxes from traders at the national level, or semi-autonomously control giant robots. Topics that are interesting to people without having to know a lot about computers or programming.

Why do we need the brochure ?

Python has for a long time only been marketed via word of mouth, books, conferences and community events. This strategy has been very successful in reaching out to developers and people already interested in the computer programming feld.

However, reaching out to people not in the IT business or people who are not working at the level of developers, has not worked out too well. We have a website built for developers. We have lots and lots of mailing lists, blogs, IRC and Twitter accounts. We have conferences for people to check up on the latest Python developments.

The problem with these resources is that they are

  • too technical
  • only provide pull-based information

Managers don't bother reading developer documentation, CEOs want distilled information served right up to them, governments and larger corporations all require passing information through deeply nested decision making processes – with lots of potential for information loss and certainly no desire to go through the same information retrieval process at each level.

In short:

We need a way to give these non-developers an easy way to get the information they want in a format that suits their needs, i.e. printed material and PDFs with high level introductions based on real-life use cases.

Our Target Groups

  • CIOs
  • chief architects
  • scientists
  • programmers
  • teachers
  • lecturers
  • students
  • customers
  • clients
  • managers
  • employees

I have an interesting project. Please consider my project for further editions.

We would like to present case studies that demonstrate how well Python can be used to implement and run real-life use cases – topics that are interesting to a wide audience and without requiring to know a lot about computers or programming.

If you work on or know about such a project, please contact us at the following mail address: brochure [at] getpython [dot] info. Thank you!

How can I help by sponsoring the project ?

We had several sponsoring options available. 
The ordering of Sponsorships for the first Issue is officially closed after production!

Please see the Sponsorship page for details of the former options.
Feel free to contact us or the Python Software Foundation to start a new effort to make the benefits of using Python obvious to new audiences.

Who's running the show ?

In April 2010, one of the PSF board members, Marc-André Lemburg, sat down in a local WorldPloneDay meeting and started reading the then new Plone brochure. It occurred to him, that Python was in bad need for a similar high quality brochure – for the reasons stated above.
Fortunately, the two key figures in producing the Plone brochure, Armin Stroß-Radschinski and Jan Ulrich Hasecke, were present at the same WorldPloneDay meeting. So we got in touch, discussed the idea and started to work out a proposal for the Python Software Foundation (PSF) to underwrite a project for producing the first PSF Python Brochure with a 10,000 copy first edition.
By December 2010 the PSF had approved the project, and since January 2011 we're busy working out message, structure and content of the brochure.

The PSF Python Brochure Team

Jan Ulrich Hasecke

Research, Content Collection & Text

Marc-André Lemburg

Project Management & PSF contact

Armin Stross-Radschinski

Design & Layout
Production & Distribution Lead 

Jan Ulrich Hasecke

Marc-André Lemburg

Armin Stross-Radschinski